Top Probiotics of 2019

Top Probiotics of 2016

How a 10,000 User Survey Reveals the Truth about which Probiotic Actually Works.

Probiotics are definitely the buzzword in the digestive health market these days. Since the 2014 wave of studies on the benefits of probiotics, the popularity and interest in probiotics has risen sharply. After our initial survey, we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from probiotics users all over the country. Surprisingly, probiotics seem to work.

However, this has had some unfortunate ‘side effects’. Companies looking to make a quick buck are pumping out knock-off probiotics and trying to cash in on peoples’ desire for digestive health. Their advertisements often feature outrageous claims without any proof or verification, they even use shady gimmicks, like subscriptions, to continue charging orders to your card even after you’ve told them you don’t want their product.

Our Research Approach

With so many digestive enzyme supplements now on the market, thanks to the surges of new research and evidence, we decided to separate the winners from the losers. We rolled up our sleeves, broke out the microscope, and got to work.

Our first step was to make sure that the ingredients we found in each product were the same as the ones claimed by the nutrition label. Then, we surveyed our readers that had tried the product before and organized all of their reviews into manageable files.

Finally, we sorted through all of the information and created a system to rank the best of the best – companies that treated their customers well, delivered their orders on-time, and -above all- produced high grade, effective probiotic supplements.

There are 4 factors which impacted our grade of each probiotic. They are listed and explained below.

Potency – Many people are surprised to learn that over 70% of supplements contain less than HALF of what they promise, whether because of improper storage and shipment or simply because they lie about it. Our primary goal is to determine which of these probiotic supplements contain effective probiotic levels. A high Potency score means that a brand supplies effective levels of probiotics for real and fast results.

CFU (Colony-Forming Units) – this is the standard unit of measurement for Probiotics. It represents the total number of live, activated probiotic organisms -per capsule- in a supplement. An effective probiotic supplement should have at least 30 Billion total CFU.

Strains – Each different probiotic species, or sub-species, is referred to as a strain. Each probiotic strain fills a particular role in the digestive system. Our bodies need a healthy balance of many different probiotics to sustain the processes of life.

Purity –  If we find unnecessary, or potentially harmful binders, fillers, or preservatives in a supplement we lower the purity score accordingly. This is to help make sure that no more money is being wasted on the brands that cut corners and load their capsules with cheap substitutes.

We also look into the reputation of a company, and its user-reported customer satisfaction.


Our Research Results

Over half of the supplements we reviewed were so bad they didn’t even make it past the first cut.

After the second round of exams and inspections we were left with little more than a handful of effective products to choose from.

An unbelievable amount of these brands simply lied about the probiotic CFU count of their product. Some products contained less than half of the listed values, while others contained almost no probiotics or were entirely barren of the key probiotics that they were advertised to have.

It can be very scary knowing that a supplement which you are spending a good deal of money on might be nothing more than a sugar pill.

Or worse: an unstable probiotic put together by an amateur can potentially be very dangerous.

We had to find out whether the company selling the product was reputable – so, we turned to the people who had purchased from these companies for their own personal experiences. We disqualified many brands due to the lack of an appropriate return policy, or simply because there were too many unanswered negative customer reviews.

After our strict screening process there were only a handful of probiotic supplements – one in particular – which stood out among the rest. Consumers who used these brands consistently reported improved energy, mood, digestion, and healthy weight loss.


Our Top Picks:

BlueBiotics: Ultimate Care

13734813 - three medals, gold, silver and bronze for the winners

Potency [star rating=”5″]

CFU [star rating=”5″]

Strains [star rating=”4.5″]

Purity [star rating=”5″]


Servings/Bottle: 30

Strain Count: 11


If you are thinking about trying probiotics, then BlueBiotics Ultimate Care is your best bet for real results!

The BlueBiotics development team has a rich history of award-winning supplements and the limited availability has made it somewhat of a prized trophy for the fitness nut’s supplement shelf.

This is a very diverse blend of probiotic strains that aims to provide the full range of probiotic benefits in a single serving, which means:

  • more nutrients from the foods you eat
  • increased energy and metabolism
  • improved cognitive function
  • complete immune-system support
  • relief from joint and muscle pain


But it also aims to provide relief from the daily issues of life, such as upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, and any antibiotic-associated symptoms.

Studies have linked cultures in BlueBiotics to a reduced likelihood of bacterial infections within the sinuses, throughout the digestive tract, as well as destroying bacterial infections before they get out of hand.

BlueBiotics is also one of the only supplements we have found that contains both Bacillus subtillis and Bacillus coagulans, which can be taken together to speed up the time it takes for your immune system to respond to threats. As a bonus, Bacillus coagulans also offers relief from abdominal pain and bloating in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients and has been shown to stimulate healthy weight loss.

The key addition to the new BlueBiotics formula is S. boulardii.

S boulardii is a much more complex organism than other probiotics, which makes it able to perform a greater variety of functions much more quickly and effectively than your average probiotic. The downside is that this makes it more difficult to fit an effective dosage (1 billion CFU) into a single capsule. The encapsulation process is actually extremely tricky and difficult to do correctly, and it costs more to manufacture to boot.

So, the real question is: was BlueBiotics able to pull it off?

The short answer? Yes.

Not only were they able to hit the target minimum effective dosage, each serving contains *double* the minimum CFU of S boulardii which gives real hope to individuals suffering from severe probiotic deficiencies. They even managed to maintain the same level of excellence as the original BlueBiotics with a 99% purity score and they STILL have the freshest living cultures we’re ever seen through a microscope.

BlueBiotics Ultimate Care is made in the USA in accordance with all cGMP and FDA guidelines.


Our Overall Impressions:

PROS: Evidence-Based Probiotics, Comprehensive General Digestive Health Support, Promotes Joint and Bone Health, Healthy Weight Loss, Alleviates Inflammation and Bloating, Alleviates Gas and Constipation, Promotes Nutrient Absorption, Increased Energy and Metabolic Activity

CONS: Limited Availability, Not Sold in Stores


Click here for the extended review:

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13734813 - three medals, gold, silver and bronze for the winners


Potency [star rating=”4″]

CFU [star rating=”3.5″]

Strains [star rating=”4″]

Purity [star rating=”4″]


Servings/Bottle: 30

Strain Count: 10


Actbiotics is a great baseline probiotic for those who do not have severe probiotic deficiencies.

Although the CFU of Actbiotics is a little on the low side, it scored relatively high on our purity analysis exams and turned out to be quite a potent probiotic!

Actbiotics contains 10 well-documented strains, most notably B subtillis and B coagulans – which work in synergy to provide a large boost to immune system activity. Of all of the supplements we reviewed, Actbiotics scored the third highest in Purity – meaning that you can expect to see some actual results.

All in all, this is a great choice if you don’t have any pressing health issues and are looking for a good place to give probiotics a first try.

Customers who purchased Actbiotics reported quick shipment and delivery, plus helpful customer support.



Deus Vita Advanced Probiotic
13734813 - three medals, gold, silver and bronze for the winners


Potency [star rating=”4″]

CFU [star rating=”3″]

Strains [star rating=”3.5″]

Purity [star rating=”4″]


Servings/Bottle: 60

Strain Count: 7


Deus Vita is a wonderful probiotic that can improve simple digestion.

Of all the probiotics on this list, Deus Vita is the most specific in what it aims to accomplish.

This simple formula provides a solid, inexpensive option for those who have antibiotic-associated diarrhea, bloating and gas, and constipation. This supplement is American-Made, fresh, and comes with a %100 money-back guarantee.

The results of our purity analysis revealed that over %70 of the probiotic cultures in this supplement were still fresh and alive, which is the second highest live culture rate out of all the supplements we have reviewed to date.

Customers who purchased Deus Vita reported an overall good experience, although there were some complaints about long waits between responses from their email support.



Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care


Potency [star rating=”3″]

CFU [star rating=”4″]

Strains [star rating=”4″]

Purity [star rating=”3″]


Servings/Bottle: 60

Strain Count: 10


Renew Life offers another good mid-range option for general probiotic supplements.

At first glance, Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical looks pretty impressive. 50 Billion CFU and a total of 10 unique probiotic strains is certainly nothing to scoff at.

What we ended up finding was a good probiotic that falls just short of greatness. The probiotic blend is complete and works well together to provide relief from digestive discomfort and to get your digestive system back on track. The only thing holding Ultimate Flora back was the low purity of the ingredients, nearly half of the probiotics in this supplement were… well, dead. This is a result of either improper storage and/or inefficient manufacturing/storage methods.

However, that being said – Ultimate Flora still managed to impress many of its users and has been reported to have great customer service by those who purchase from them.



Complete Probiotics Platinum

Potency [star rating=”3″]

CFU [star rating=”4″]

Strains [star rating=”4″]

Purity [star rating=”2.5″]


Servings/Bottle: 30

Strain Count: 10


Despite low purity levels, Complete Probiotics Platinum delivers a strong introductory probiotic supplement.

Complete Probiotics Platinum is one of the heavy-hitters of the probiotic supplement industry. They have a reputation of quality products and it doesn’t hurt that their boxes and bottles are quite pleasing to the eye.

However, we aren’t here to judge how pretty the bottle is – our job is to determine whether its worth your money.

The Complete Probiotic blend contains an effective blend of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus probiotics, at very healthy CFU levels.

The two main issues we noticed were that, aside from those two types of probiotics, there weren’t any of the other key probiotic types (such as Saccharomyces strains) – which limits its overall effectiveness. Additionally, Complete Probiotics Platinum came back with Purity results that, although above-average, were well short of spectacular.

Consumers who purchased this product reported that, for the most part, they were satisfied with their buying experiences and received their product within a week.