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Addzyme: Complete Support

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13734813 - three medals, gold, silver and bronze for the winners

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Price: $49.95 *With Discount

Servings/Bottle: 30

Enzyme Count: 21

AAI Value: 98%


Addzyme is a collection of 21 key enzymes is designed to:

  • Restore enzymes lost with age
  • Provide relief from digestive related intolerance symptoms: stomach pain, constipation and diarrhea, gas and bloating, etc.
  • Prevent food intolerance from causing long-term damage
  • Strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight disease and illness
  • Eliminate the post-meal fatigue that drains more and more energy over time
  • Provide indefinite long lasting energy with a massive boost to metabolism



Addzyme has consistently outperformed every other digestive enzyme supplement in both short-term and long-term symptom relief, as well as addressing issues that no other enzyme supplement does.

It’s ridiculous how many supplement companies don’t have the common sense to spend a little extra money on getting quality capsules. They cut corners and use the bare minimum, which gets them capsules which dissolve in your stomach acids and destroys the digestive enzymes. The pills used by Addzyme are coated with an extra-durable enteric layer which allows them to travel through stomach acid untouched then dissolve in the intestinal tract – exactly where the enzymes have to be to function.

The most astonishing fact of note is that Addzyme managed to deliver 98% of its promised enzyme values. Considering that this supplement already contains the highest amounts of digestive enzymes per capsule, by far, we can confidently say that Addzyme is the most potent digestive aid on any market.

The levels of enzyme concentration and purity are staggeringly high, which can only mean that this is also the only laboratory-grade supplement on this list.

Addzyme is manufactured in accordance with Federal cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Guidelines to ensure product quality.

Without proper care, enzymes supplements become old, withered, and useless before they even arrive on your doorstep. Unfortunately, this is also precisely why you will never see Addzyme in any local retail store. And also why supply will continue to be limited until larger companies can replicate the perfected Addzyme blend.

    • Pros: Evidence-Based Enzymes, Comprehensive General Digestive Health Support, Additional Gluten and Dairy Intolerance Support, Highest Enzyme Count and Tested AAI Values, Alleviates Inflammation and Bloating, Alleviates Gas and Constipation, Promotes Nutrient Absorption and Energy Conversion
    • Cons: Limited Availability, Expensive, Only Available Online (

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60 Day Guarantee

The incredible Addzyme customer support definitely factored into our decision to feature Addzyme as our #1 digestive supplement. The consumers we spoke to reported reliable and polite staff who, at times, bent over backwards to make sure that their customers’ questions were answered to 100% satisfaction. Their return policy is extremely uncomplicated as well, which is really refreshing compared with other companies that make you jump through hoops in the hopes that you’ll just give up and let them have your money. Of course, it helps that Addzyme is actually worth the money in the first place.

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